Empowering Industry Automation

PARKZIA develops wireless charging for autonomous e-movers.
Wireless charging increases e-movers operational efficiency and productivity up to 30 %.
The project is funded by Business Finland and Aalto University.

PARKZIA Wirelss Charging will change how industry and transportation operates.

With wireless charging any waiting point can be turned to a charging point. This increases operational efficiency of the e-movers and saves floor space.

PARKZIA’s solution works with extremely high efficiency regarless of the position and orientation of the e-mover.

Our Solution

PARKZIA brings high-efficiency wireless charging with cloud monitoring features.
The solution can easily be retrofitted to exsisting e-movers.

Unique Wireless Charging

High-power high-efficiency wireless charging for industry e-movers.

Full Freedom

Initiate opportunity charging at any position or rotation. No connectors, no docking.

Monitor and Optimize

Monitor your battery fleet and optimize charging cycles via cloud services.


How does it work

PARKZIA consists of three main components in order to charge your e-movers:

  • Power supply unit
  • Wireless charging pad that transmittes electric energy wirelessly
  • Power receiver that converts wireless energy into the battery

PARKZIA Wireless Charging is designed to be easily retrofitted in any e-mover.

Ultimate freedom

PARKZIA gives your e-movers freedom in charging.

E-mover can be at any position and any orientation on the charging pad and the e-mover is charging – even when it is moving on the pad.

With our innovative solution the charging works tens of centimeters off-center. And always with optimal efficiency.

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